Tony nominations day should be a national holiday.

I wonder what my next musical theatre obsession will be.  

I just remembered that last night my aunt was telling a story about somebody coming to her door. The guy said “hello.” And that’s where she lost me. I started singing/muttering , “Hello. My name is Elder Price…” Long story short, I have no idea what her story was about but i know every word of the song.

Seeing The Book of Mormon tonight reminded me why theatre is my dream.

Dear theatre gods,

Please allow me to win lottery tickets for Book of Mormon tomorrow.

Can I just transport to New York right now? Right in the heart of Times Square.

The name of my newest resident in Tiny Tower is Nathan Lane and his dream job is theatre. Well played.

Falling asleep to the Next To Normal recording? I’m in.

It will make for interesting dreams.

Remember the days before Newsies.

Those were dark days…

Theatre friends and followers, I need your help!

At work we are doing a contest and I need a bunch of theatre trivia questions. The question can be able ANYTHING related to musical theatre. I just need a question and an answer and it doesn’t matter how easy/difficult it is.  Please help a girl out by sending me some.  

Hey theatre goers, as wonderful as Les Miserables and the Phantom of the Opera are, they are not classics. They’ve only been around 25 years. Stop trying to make them older and fancier than they are. Lots of theatre came before then and they will get their time to shine as classics. Thanks.

Yesterday was a Bonnie and Clyde sort of day. Today is a RENT day. I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

Can somebody PLEASE tell me how Bonnie and Clyde closed?  It has one of the best scores I have ever heard.  Such a shame.