We need to bubble wrap the Giants.

I hate the Dodgers even more for breaking Brandon Belt. 


Why are Dodger fans making this about the Giants now?! Obviously we are thrilled the Dodgers aren’t going to the World Series. Duh. That’s part of the rivalry. But you guys criticizing us when our team didn’t make playoffs? Pathetic. I’ll take a team that wins 2 times in 3 years with a weak payroll over a team who has a HUGE payroll that can’t make it to the World Series. With the money, the Dodgers have, they should be making playoffs every year. As a Giants fan, I now come to expect that. In fact, it’s a joke if they don’t make it to playoffs. But seriously, unless the teams are playing each other, stay out of each other’s tags. I hate the Dodgers, but they had a great season and Giants fans need to get over it. For the Dodgers fans complaining about the Giants, remember that we’ve won 2 times in the last 3 years with a significantly smaller budget. Focus on your own teams. Keep it at a rivalry but don’t get nasty. Here’s to next year!

That was one of the most exciting and special games I’ve ever been to. Only 191 days until Opening Day. 2014 will be our year!!

This is the last inning of 2013 Giants baseball I will get to watch on tv.  I’m sooo not ready for Giants offseason :(. Come on guys, please catch up. 

I am not okay with saying goodbye to Timmy or Vogey.  Zito, I’m not happy with it, but I think it’s time.  

I might vomit…

No matter what happens, I am SO proud of Timmy.  He has worked so hard this year to be better.  He deserves so much success whether or not that thing we don’t talk about happens or not. 

My mother has no faith in Timmy. “His pitch count is too high.”

Suck it, Mom. 

If the Giants could please win this game in a timely fashion, that’d be fantastic.

Pence is making one hell of an argument why people should vote for him to be an All-Star.