I’m so proud of Bumgarner! He’s been my favorite starting pitcher since he came up to the majors and it’s amazing to see him rewarded!

Yay to Posey and Scutaro as well!

Lol Brandon Belt post-game interview.  I LOVE THIS GUY!  He is so funny.  I love the “rivalry” between him and Madison.

Bochy, this is why you leave Bummy alone when he is on fire!

Giants. On my tv. Great night!


I was just informed by my mother that I am bad luck and not allowed to watch/cheer for any future Giants games.  First my second favorite player currently playing breaks a bone in his hand as is out for two months.  But Pablo Sandoval will be back soon! Then my favorite player gets tackled and is out for the season. But Buster Posey will be back next year!  Then I decide that I love Brandon Belt (well I chose at the beginning on the season) and now he is on the DL for a fracture in his wrist! But it’s only a hairline fracture! All I gotta say is that Brandon Crawford, Cody Ross, Madison Bumgarner, Freddy Sanchez,  and Aubrey Huff better be careful. They are my other faves and need to protect themselves.



Buster Posey and Brandon Belt, in the dugout, after Belt’s first big league hr in LA last april 01, 2011. This is just super cute to pass. Both so young, so skilled, so good-looking! [and so married. hahaha!]

To wrap it up, here’s a little Brian Wilson talking to the youngsters.

I still love the Posey-Bumgarner bromance but I will GLADLY accept this one as well.  Three-way bromance?

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