If its not the pre show jitters, the many laughs and inside jokes, the feeling of being safe, the smell of hairspray, Ben Nye sticking to your face, loud music during a late work night, or the feeling of being on stage, it’s the people. The people make you love it so much. They are your family, you love them. All family’s have their little problems, but in the end they are still a family. I love my family so much. One little reason I love theatre.


Sutton Foster in “Bunheads”

promotional photos

Words don’t describe how excited I am for this show.  It’s kind of pathetic how much excitement is coming from me.


Happy Birthday RENT!

16 years ago today, RENT opened at the Nederlander Theater.

The Giants could lose 0-16 for the rest of the games this year

And I would still love them and watch every game I can.  

With that said, please win lots, Giants.  :)