I’m so proud of Bumgarner! He’s been my favorite starting pitcher since he came up to the majors and it’s amazing to see him rewarded!

Yay to Posey and Scutaro as well!

I’m sick of Bochy allowing Timmy to chose the rules.  The reason why Posey doesn’t work for Tim is because you almost have to baby him.  It’s not necessarily a bad thing if he’s consistently pitching well.  But we all know how he has been doing.  Bochy and Tim need to suck it up and let Buster catch.  I like Sanchez but he is an average catcher at best and he cannot handle the pitching staff that the Giants have.  If any catcher is going to be “second string,” it needs to be Whiteside.  Sure he can’t hit well, but he is an above-average catcher that can handle the pitching staff.  There’s a reason why the Giants had some of the best pitching in 2010 and it has lots to do with the catching.  Pitchers can only succeed when they have a good and competent catcher and in 2010, that was Molina, Posey, and Whiteside.  Even last year, the staff had Whiteside and Stewart.  I like Sanchez, but his best role is pinch hitting.



Magical man.


is amazing.

Buster Posey is officially on a hot streak!!

BUSTER FREAKING POSEY! That was one heck of a home run! Do it again :)

Buster looked like he was gonna lose it after his error.

What is it with guys named Scott trying to attack Buster?

First Cousins and now Hairston. Leave Posey’s ankles alone!

I had the best day ever today

I got to go to the home opener for the first time and got to partake in the Triples Alley festivities.  There I got free food and got a great view of batting practice.  I GOT TO MEET WILL CLARK! I got pictures with him and had multiple conversations.  But the funniest/most amazing part was his glasses slipped and him, me, and another girl I was with tried to catch them and I barely caught them after they both had dropped them.  Then I got a big bear hug and he told me he was gonna sign me! Lol! He was sooo nice, funny, and down to earth.  Such a good day. Then I got to watch the opening ceremonies, hold back my tears as Tyler Stow throught the first pitch after they showed his dad, Bryan Stow on the screen.  Also was part of the really special standing ovation for Buster Posey as he went to hit his AWESOME double.  Called Huff’s homerun less than 5 seconds before he hit it.  Then the Giants won! And Matt Cain was a BAMF!  And the weather was beautiful!! Perfect day.  :)  So happy it’s baseball season again. 


Buster’s first homerun of the year 

“Boy that sounded good”- Kruk